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Call for Papers

Lutheran Mission Matters Call for Papers: Nov 2019

Greetings from the Lutheran Society for Missiology (LSFM),

After many theme-focused issues, the Editorial Committee invites you to consider writing on a missiological topic of your choice for the Nov. 2019 publication of Lutheran Mission Matters.  The challenges of postmodernism, pluralism, immigration, and urbanization are not only producing new models and methods of mission and ministry, but they are also challenging the old paradigms and raising new questions.  

     As the world changes around us, the LSFM recognizes a real need to foster and promote conversations about Lutheran missiology that addresses these changes.  The society shares a strong commitment to the historical faith while also promoting cutting-edge approaches to the mission and ministry of the Lutheran church and its members worldwide.  The hard questions are intentionally engaged and shared so that members have an opportunity to learn from and critically reflect from a Lutheran perspective on these current challenges.

     We welcome your interest in the Lutheran Society for Missiology, whose membership is drawn from people around the world who are convinced that the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith is something to be shared with the world.  The articles featured in our journal, Lutheran Mission Matters,  flow from the conviction that the Lutheran perspective on mission needs to be part of the wider conversation.  

     Please let us know of your interest in this publishing effort.  LMM articles are generally about 3,000 words in length although longer and shorters will be considered.  A variety of articles are featured in each issue of Lutheran Mission Matters, and there is space to report academic research as well as shorter articles that highlight a personal observation or story about missions.  

Send your comments and questions to the editor of the journal, Dr. Victor Raj (  Articles in Lutheran Mission Matters are indexed and are available online in the American Theological Library Association Serial (ATLAS) collection.  Articles in the journal are peer reviewed.  The deadline for submission is Sept. 1, 2019.   Additional details about article format can be found in the "A Note to Contributors" section at the end of each issue of Lutheran Mission Matters and online at this link.