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Call for Papers

Lutheran Mission Matters Call for Papers: May 2019

Greetings in the name of Jesus,

“Faithful in Mission: A look at the church in America in light of Matthew 25:14-30” is the theme of the Spring 2019 issue of Mission Matters. A critical look at the culture of 21st century America will prove there has been a decline of “faithfulness” in friendships, in marriages, in politics, and in religion. What has that lack of being faithful done to the broader culture? Why has it occurred?

A concomitant issue is why so many who were brought into Christ’s kingdom through water and the Word proved to be so unfaithful? We ask the question in the light of the loss of millions of souls from Christian denominations in  America. There is a richness in Scripture to be mined about faithfulness and unfaithfulness and covering all of our trespasses with the eternal faithfulness of a loving God.

We ask you to focus on Jesus’ teaching on faithfulness  from the background of the three stewards in Matthew 25:14-30; the Lord does not say to the first two stewards, “Well done good and “successful” steward,” but he calls them “faithful.” The third steward is condemned because he buried what His Lord had given him, and had no return. We are looking for articles that treat the text from exegetical, systematic, historical and missiological points of view. 

The question begs to be asked, “Has the church in America, which for almost fifty years has been losing more members than it has won for Jesus been unfaithful? Are we like the third servant in the text? As a result of his unfaithfulness, he lost even what he had, lost it all, and more. A case could be made that the American church has been given much more than one talent – more than three talents, but is in the process of losing them. Has the church in America been that third, unfaithful, steward? Is now the time for repentance? And what would repentance look like?  

LMM articles are generally about 3,000 words in length, although longer and shorter articles will be considered. LMM includes space for academic research and for a personal encounter in mission. For good reasons the desired deadline of March 15 is negotiable. More can be learned at  

Attention to the theme in any particular issue does not prevent, space permitting, attention to other matters. Please let us know of your interest in this publishing effort. Send your comments and questions to the editor of the journal, Dr. Victor Raj (  Articles in Lutheran Mission Matters are indexed and are available online in the American Theological Library Association Serial (ATLAS) collection. Articles in the journal are peer reviewed.  For additional details and submission guidelines, please download this document.