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Call for Papers

Lutheran Mission Matters Call for Papers: May 2018 “Confessing in Mission”

For the May 2018 issue of Lutheran Mission Matters, the theme will be “Confessing in Mission.” You are invited to write for this issue.

Clearly “Confessing in Mission” is not far from two words popular in these days, “confessional” and “missional.” From your experience and your study related to these words, what would you offer to readers of Lutheran Mission Matters?

The preposition “in” was an intentional choice of the Editorial Committee, asking writers to wrestle with the relationship of the other two terms. How do we keep them together?
     1) We don’t. God does.
     2) Is not mission the purpose of confessing?
     3) Does not mission always confess something?

What might be the place of confessing in mission? What of the baptismal history of the Apostles Creed or the courageous presentation of the Augsburg Confession as matters of mission? Could we learn Luther’s Small Catechism as preparation for mission conversations?

How can mission be confession when a new people group has no “Christian” language? Is “evangelism” mission and “making disciples” confessing? What kind of liturgy-as-confessing is appropriate in mission? What do pastoral care and Christian Education look like when we understand them to be included in both confessing and mission?

Or, have these two terms become so partisan, so adversarial, or so overused and abused that we should trade them in for “newer models”? “Proclamation . . . has been used out of a sense of the debasement of the word ‘gospel,’ which is attached to any program its proponents feel is important.”[1]

The May 2018 issue of LMM can explore what old scholars and new writers have to say about these terms and their correlation. The word “in” asks that submissions deal with both terms, but the “method of correlation” is the author’s choice. What links do you see, hear, or feel as you encounter these terms, as these terms encounter you?

LMM articles are generally about 3,000 words in length although longer and shorter articles will be considered. LMM includes space for academic research and personal encounter in mission. For good reasons the desired deadline of March 1, 2018 is negotiable.

Attention to the theme in any particular issue does not prevent, space permitting, attention to other matters. Please let us know of your interest in this publishing effort. Send your comments and questions to the editor of the journal, Dr. Victor Raj (

[1] C. S. Mann, Mark: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary. The Anchor Bible (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1986).

For additional details and submission guidelines, please download this document.